Miya Ando



Miya Ando's work is inspired by her time living in the rural wilderness of California and in Japan. The foundation of her practice has been the transformation and combination of natural elements and utilization of the vernacular of nature. She is interested in creating artwork that allows viewers to experience a relationship to nature and to truly be in the moment as they encounter the transitory qualities of light.


Miya Ando is a half-Japanese and half-Russian-American artist, a descendant of Bizen swordmakers. She earned a BS in East Asian Studies from both UC Berkeley and Yale University, and completed an Apprentice to Master Metalsmith program in Okayama, Japan. She has exhibited her work nationally in NY, SC, GA, DE, CT, MA, CA, and more; and internationally in Japan, Belgium, France, China, Singapore, Australia, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Italy, Montenegro, Greece, and Germany.