Deidre Argyle

Deidre's site-specific installation "It Is What It Was" is a geometric landscape made of cubes--the molecular building block and a basic component of all living things. Deidre uses cubes to represent the idea that everything is essentially built of the same substance; these individual units of varying ratios come together and fall apart to construct an abstract mountain range or clump of clouds. 

Projected onto the cubes are abstract videos of natural objects in transformation. The cycle of creation, decay, and transformation becomes apparent when a visitor interacts with the space, as their shadow casts a temporary imprint on the landscape. We need death and decay for new life and regeneration; if we were more comfortable with the reality of the circle of life, would we find more comfort in the unknown?


Deidre Argyle earned her MFA in Studio Art from the University of Arizona-Tucson and her BFA from San Jose University. She currently lives and works in Springfield, MO and works as an Assistant Professor of Art and Design at Missouri State University. She has exhibited her work all across the United States and internationally in Italy, China, Argentina, South Korea, and Canada.