Today, there are approximately one billion migrants in the world. One in seven of Earth's population has been displaced due to military conflict, secular violence, famine, drought, or lack of economic resources or opportunities.

up[route]d explores the impact of migration and displacement from a variety of national and international perspectives. Each of these artists express aspects of the migration process, including fear, lack of safety, and pleas for help.

Refugees and migrants grieve on the move as they mourn the loss of their homes, extended family members, and cultural traditions. They seek out areas that are free from violence and conflict--places filled with acceptance, hope, and safety. We all have associations to the migrant experience in one form or another, whether our ancestors came to this land centuries ago or last year. An ancient Irish proverb reminds us, "it is in the shelter of each other that the people live." We are responsible to shelter each other.


This exhibition is generously sponsored by The Arkwright Foundation, Bagwell Fence, Susu + George Dean Johnson Jr, Margaret + George Nixon, and Bob's Car Wash.


8.15 - 11.10.2019